Policy changes in the operating budget would increase NGFO appropriations by $6.202 billion

By: Emily Makings
10:46 am
March 10, 2022

The 2022 supplemental operating budget, as proposed by the conference committee yesterday, would increase 2021–23 appropriations from funds subject to the outlook (NGFO) by $5.071 billion. That figure is net of changes to the maintenance level (the cost of continuing current services, adjusted by enrollment and inflation) and new policy. Maintenance level changes would reduce appropriations by $1.131 billion ($25.0 million less than in the House- and Senate-passed versions). Policy level changes would increase appropriations by $6.202 billion ($478.9 million more than the Senate-passed version and $1.195 billion less than the House-passed version).

The chart below compares the NGFO policy changes by budget area. (Note that policy level NGFO appropriations for K–12 are lower in the conference committee version than in the House- or Senate-passed versions because funding for K–12 enrollment stabilization will be funded with federal relief instead of the NGFO.)

Some major NGFO spending items include:

(Note: For the Senate-Passed and Conference versions, I’ve moved compensation changes to special appropriations for a more direct comparison with the House)
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