Washington’s counties and cities will get $296.6 million of the state’s federal aid funds

By: Emily Makings
3:05 pm
May 8, 2020

The state Department of Commerce has announced how federal relief funds will be distributed to Washington’s local governments. Under the federal CARES Act, our state government received $2.167 billion in COVID-19-related aid. King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Spokane counties and the city of Seattle split another $786 million from the federal government.

Of the $2.167 billion, the state is giving $296.6 million to counties and cities that did not receive direct funding from the federal government. Counties will receive $170.7 million and cities will receive $125.8 million.

According to Commerce, the funds were allocated “based on population, COVID-19 impact and other factors.” For counties, the awards range from $250,000 for Columbia, Garfield, and Wahkiakum counties to $26.9 million for Clark County. For cities, they range from $25,000 for 70 towns to $6.7 million for Spokane. I’ve listed the awards by dollar amount below; Commerce has a list by county.

In using these funds, cities and counties must abide by the restrictions the federal government has placed on them. Generally, they must be used for new expenditures related to the COVID-19 emergency this year. There is some flexibility, but they may not be used to cover revenue shortfalls.

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