How Pierce County will use its federal aid funds

By: Emily Makings
10:53 am
May 6, 2020

Pierce County is one of five local governments in Washington that was eligible for direct federal relief funds under the CARES Act, and it received about $158 million. The Pierce County Council has decided to use the funds for these purposes:

  • $67 million for public health emergency response (including testing, virus surveillance, contact tracing, quarantine housing, personal protective equipment, and healthcare system capacity),
  • $30 million for economic stabilization and recovery programs (including projects to preserve jobs, support for businesses, workforce training, and broadband and wi-fi services),
  • $23 million for community response and resilience (including for food, shelter, behavioral health, family services, and transportation),
  • $15 million for essential government services (for courts, and “to support the operations of other governments in the region”), and
  • $23 million for a contingency reserve, should other needs emerge.

As I’ve noted, the funds must be used for new spending for COVID-19 response before the end of CY 2020. Treasury guidance allows the funds to be used for things like economic support for businesses, but they may not be used to cover government revenue shortfalls.

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