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20th of September 2021

Through July 31, addressing negative economic impacts was the largest planned use of federal fiscal recovery funds for Washington and its most populous local governments; little had actually been spent

Washington state and its largest local governments have spent very little of their Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds so far, according to performance reports filed at the end of August. Meanwhile, funding to address negative economic impacts accounts for nearly half of planned expenditures (across all reporting governments). The American Rescue Plan Act […]

30th of July 2021

Federal relief funds to governments, businesses, and individuals in Washington total more than $93 billion so far

I’ve updated our table of federal COVID relief that has been allocated for Washington’s governments, businesses, and individuals. The relief now totals $93.6 billion. Of that, $67.3 billion has gone or will go to businesses and individuals and $26.3 billion is flowing through our state and local governments. This funding will be spent over several […]

16th of April 2021

Businesses that lost 25% of revenues last year may ask for property tax deferrals under bill signed today

Today Gov. Inslee signed ESHB 1332. The bill requires county treasurers to grant due date extensions for property taxes payable in 2021 for businesses that lost at least 25% of their revenue from leasing or renting the property or from their business activities at the property in CY 2020 (compared to CY 2019). Requests for […]

9th of April 2021

Including federal relief funds, the spending increases in the operating budget proposals are extraordinarily high

As I showed yesterday, the state has already allocated or appropriated $7.311 billion in federal relief dollars. On top of that, the Senate-passed operating budget would appropriate $6.837 billion and the House-passed operating budget would appropriate $8.776 billion in federal relief over three years. This relief funding does not just maintain state spending (as the […]

8th of April 2021

Senate- and House-passed budgets would appropriate $8.426 billion and $10.166 billion, respectively, in federal relief funding

Federal COVID relief legislation since March 2020 has appropriated more than $24 billion that has flowed or will flow through Washington’s state and local governments. Allocations from the latest bill, the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act, are still being determined, so the $24 billion figure will grow. (Indeed, note that the numbers in this post […]

25th of March 2021

Transportation and capital budget proposals would appropriate some federal COVID relief dollars

Yesterday the chair and ranking member of the House Capital Budget Committee released their proposed capital budget for 2021–23. The House and Senate Transportation Committee chairs released their proposed transportation budgets on Monday. The three budgets would make use of federal funding that is expected to come to Washington from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) […]

How will the Senate operating budget deal with the “curse of riches”?

As Sen. Rolfes suggested at the Ways & Means Committee meeting last week, the operating budget (to be proposed this afternoon) may not have a complete plan for all the federal relief funding coming to Washington. (See also David Schumacher’s comments on Sunday’s episode of AWB’s Capitol Focus.) It is not yet clear exactly how […]

23rd of March 2021

Washington will receive $229 million from the ARP Act for COVID testing in schools; operating budgets will be proposed this week

On March 17, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it will use $10 billion in funding from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act for COVID-19 screening testing to help schools reopen. According to HHS, Washington will receive $229.4 million for this purpose. This is the first announcement of how billions of […]

16th of March 2021

Washington’s state and local governments will have more than $11 billion in federal relief funding to distribute from the ARP Act

There are several funding buckets in the ARP Act. The largest that will be distributed by states and local governments are the fiscal relief funds and the emergency and secondary school emergency relief funds. But there’s also funding for childcare, transit, and rental assistance, for example. The table below shows known and estimated federal allocations […]

15th of March 2021

Washington’s public K–12 schools will receive $1.853 billion from ARP Act (on top of $1.042 billion previously appropriated by Congress)

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act includes $122.7 billion for a third round of the elementary and secondary school emergency relief (ESSER) fund. These funds are very flexible, but 20% of the ESSER III funds must be used to address learning loss. From this third round, Washington will receive $1.853 billion. Of that, $1.667 billion […]