Across operating, capital, and transportation budgets, Legislature appropriated $10.1 billion in federal relief dollars (on top of $7.2 billion previously allocated)

By: Emily Makings
9:17 am
May 11, 2021

Over $24 billion in federal relief has flown or will flow through Washington’s state and local governments. Of that, $7.238 billion was allocated by the governor last year or appropriated by the Legislature in early action bills this session. As part of the final operating, capital, and transportation budgets this session, the Legislature appropriated an additional $10.110 billion in federal relief. (Gov. Inslee has not yet signed the budget bills.)

Much of the funding must be used as required by Congress, but two pots of money provide the state with more discretion: the coronavirus relief fund (CRF, part of the CARES Act) and the coronavirus state fiscal recovery fund (CSFRF, part of the ARP Act). The table shows how the appropriated federal money is distributed (click on the table for a spreadsheet with more details).

Including both already enacted allocations and appropriations passed by the Legislature, of the economic support funding, $1.349 billion is for housing assistance and $650.7 million is for business/nonprofit assistance. Of the K­–12 funding, $543.1 million is for learning loss.

In the capital budget, $349.0 million is for broadband. In the transportation budget, $400.0 million is for fish barrier removal and $600.0 million is to backfill revenue losses.

Note that the figures in the table do not include $272.0 million that the Legislature appropriated from the CSFRF. The budget specifies that if E2SHB 1277 is enacted, those appropriations will lapse. (The bill imposes a document recording surcharge to fund housing programs.) Gov. Inslee signed E2SHB 1277 yesterday.

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