Workforce education investment surcharge overhaul moves on to Gov. Inslee

By: Emily Makings
9:27 am
February 7, 2020

Yesterday the House passed ESSB 6492, the bill that aims to fix administrative and revenue issues with the workforce education investment act. (See our policy brief for more.) The House did not amend the bill that was passed by the Senate Jan. 30. The Legislature was acting under a time crunch because under current law the first taxes under the original business and occupation tax surcharge are due Feb. 25.

One proposed amendment in the House would have added the workforce education investment account (WEIA) to the four-year balanced budget requirement; it was ruled outside the scope and object of the bill (which is prohibited under article II, section 38 of the state constitution). Sen. Braun had also proposed such an amendment during Senate consideration of the bill, but his amendment was not adopted.

Meanwhile, SB 6660, which would add the WEIA and other accounts to the four-year balanced budget requirement (and repeal the state expenditure limit), was reported out of Senate Ways and Means on Wednesday.

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