Senate-passed operating budget would appropriate $52.181 billion

By: Emily Makings
2:04 pm
April 5, 2019

Yesterday the Senate passed a 2019–21 operating budget. Floor amendments added $10.5 million from funds subject to the outlook (NGFO) compared to the budget that was approved by the Ways and Means Committee earlier this week.

As passed by the Senate, the budget would appropriate $52.181 billion. That’s $753.6 million less than the budget passed by the House. (It’s $1.143 billion less than the House budget if you include the $389.6 million the House would spend on higher education and career connected learning from a new non-NGFO account.)

Under the Senate budget, the unrestricted NGFO ending balance would be $555 million in 2019–21 and $70 million in 2021–23.

(Here’s our policy brief on the Senate budget as proposed by the Ways and Means Chair.)

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