New economic profile: The Economic Contribution of Washington State’s Petroleum Refining Industry in 2019

3:23 pm
June 17, 2021

We have updated our report on the impact of Washington’s five major petroleum refiners on the state’s economy.

In 2019, the refiners directly provided 2,050 full-time jobs, paying an annual average wage of $148,683. In addition, the refiners employed, at high wages, 3,643 contract workers on an average day, doing maintenance, capital repair and capital replacement. The refiners indirectly created additional Washington state jobs in industries from which they purchased goods and services, including transportation, construction, utilities and business services. Spending of the income earned in these direct and indirect jobs created even more jobs.

The sum of all these effects was 24,680 jobs and $1.90 billion in personal income for Washington state in 2019.

The full report is available here.

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