New Special Report on Manufacturing Jobs (Part I)

We're out today with Part One of a series of special reports on manufacturing jobs in Washington state. "Rebalancing Priorities: The Case for Manufacturing Jobs, Part I" covers the role of manufacturing in Washington's economy, and discusses Gov. Jay Inslee's recent veto of a tax reduction for state manufacturing.

Our Seattle Times op-ed on manufacturing jobs & state tax policy

We have an op-ed in today's Seattle Times on Gov. Inslee's recent veto of a reduced Business & Occupation (B&O) tax rate for manufacturing companies in Washington state. We argue that manufacturing jobs are a crucial component of providing workers with good-paying middle-class jobs, and that tax incentives will encourage companies to come here, stay here and possibly expand here:

Robots vs. Middle-class jobs

A recent blog post by James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), "Is automation really the worst enemy of the US middle class?," adds perspective to the ongoing debate over how much impact robots and automation have on jobs:

Special Report: Using Tax Policy to Promote Economic Vitality

Our latest Special Report, "Using Tax Policy to Promote Economic Vitality," offers a comprehensive look at Washington's system of business taxes and tax preferences. You can read the report here.

Policy Today podcast: Expanded state environmental regulations threaten union jobs

Today's topic is the expanded state environmental regulations that, due to their arbitrary and excessive nature, threaten to send good-paying jobs - many of them union jobs - out of Washington state.

InFocus: Possible charter schools ruling re-do, construction jobs, paid family leave study

This week we're discussing the Attorney General's request that the state Supreme Court reconsider its ruling that charter schools are unconstitutional, the number of construction jobs staying essentially flat statewide, and a federal grant for Washington to study the feasibility of paid family leave implementation.

In this episode:

Manufacturing Jobs: Lots of openings, not enough skilled workers

The Puget Sound Business Journal recently brought together a panel of Puget Sound manufacturers to discuss the problem, verging on crisis, of finding skilled workers.

In a nutshell: “Manufacturers can’t find workers to fill open positions.” And these are good-paying blue-collar positions.

Seattle Times columnist writes about that mythical $8.7 billion tax break for Boeing: not a giveaway!

Erik Smith used our recent policy brief as a peg for an excellent column on tax policy in today's Seattle Times.

Though the Department of Revenue calculated it exactly as it was supposed to, a more realistic view is that the legislation costs taxpayers nothing.

He summarizes, drawing on points we developed in the brief.

More details on Seattle's proposed $15 minimum wage

The Puget Sound Business Journal has a good overview. As the PSBJ reports, it's complicated.

Economists wrangle over $10.10 minimum wage, CFOs say increase will slow hiring

Among the challenges faced by policymakers (and that includes voters) trying to determine the effects of raising the minimum wage is sorting through the flood of conflicting information. Much of the conflict comes because people who are supposedly talking about the same thing are not, really, talking about the same thing.