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90 Seconds podcast: Four-year balanced budgeting

In this episode we offer a brief overview of the four-year balanced budget requirement passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor in 2012.

To read our Policy Brief on the requirement (from May 2012), click here.

To read our blog post (from April 2016) defending the four-year balanced budget requirement, click here.

90 Seconds podcast: What is Basic Education?

In this episode we briefly discuss basic education, which is at the heart of the state Supreme Court's McCleary ruling. In that ruling the court said the state is not fulfilling its constitutional "paramount duty" to fully provide for basic education in public schools.

90 Seconds podcast: Class-size reduction & Initiative 1351

In this 90 Seconds episode we briefly discuss the return of Initiative 1351, the voter-approved measure to reduce class sizes in grades K through 12. So far lawmakers have only funded K-3 class-size reductions, citing both budget concerns and research showing smaller class sizes have the most impact in grades K through 3.

90 Seconds podcast: Washington ranks high for business tax burden

In this 90 Seconds episode we briefly cover our recent report on Washington businesses' tax contributions to state and local governments, and our state's high rankings for the tax burdens it places on business.

90 Seconds podcast: A quick McCleary re-cap

In this 90 Seconds episode we give you a quick update on where things stand on the McCleary decision, which requires the state to fully fund basic education, including highlights of proposals currently being considered by state lawmakers.

90 Seconds podcast: Charter schools help urban minority, low-income students most

Extensive research from Stanford University shows charter schools are of particular benefit to low-income, minority and English-Language-Learner students. But the state Supreme Court's controversial ruling that charter schools are unconstitutional throws their future into doubt.  

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90 Seconds Podcast: The McCleary series

We're starting a series of 90 Seconds podcasts specifically on the McCleary ruling (in 2012 the state Supreme Court ruled that the State of Washington is unconstitutionally failing to fully fund K-12 basic education; that decision and all subsequent McCleary filings and rulings are here).

Our first episode covers the basics of McCleary - what it does and what it means for state lawmakers.

In this episode we discuss the two main options that have been proposed for full state funding of basic education: a levy "swap," or "exchange," and a capital gains tax.

Adequate funding for public schools is a major challenge for legislators and the governor. Just as, if not more, difficult is the logistical challenge of agreeing on a plan that shifts responsibility for basic education from Washington's 295 school districts to the state. Many complex problems and political landmines will have to be overcome.  

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90 Seconds: Progress report on McCleary

This week the Legislature sent its annual progress report to the state Supreme Court on the McCleary ruling, which ordered the state to fully fund K-12 education by 2018. Public schools got a major funding boost this year, but was it enough for the court to lift its

90 Seconds with the WRC: It's a Wrap!

With session in the rearview mirror, we offer a brief budget recap.