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The weekly podcast series Policy Today covers a single topic per episode. Here is the latest:

Policy Today podcast: Dr. Rick Evans on how computer science can improve economics (10/08/2017)

Policy Today podcast: Seattle's surprisingly robust manufacturing industry (09/28/2017)

Policy Today podcast: McCleary Part 2 - Tax Revenues (08/28/2017)

Policy Today podcast: McCleary Part 1 - Policy and Funding (08/21/2017)

Policy Today podcast: Manufacturing Tax Policy (07/28/2017)

Policy Today podcast: State Revenue Forecasts & the State Budget (06/14/2017)

Policy Today podcast: Making Sense of Political, Economic Upheaval (05/18/2017)

Policy Today podcast: A new capital gains tax for Washington state? (05/02/2017)

Policy Today podcast: Comparing the House & Senate budget plans (04/13/2017)

Policy Today podcast: What the new federal education law means for states, with AEI's Rick Hess (04/04/2017)

Policy Today podcast: A more fair tax-appeals process for Washington state (03/28/2017)

Policy Today podcast: How Tax Policy Affects the Economy (03/22/2017)

Policy Today podcast: Four plans in the Legislature for education funding (03/02/2017)

Policy Today podcast: New report on Gov. Inslee's proposed state budget (01/18/2017)

Policy Today podcast: Expanded state environmental regulations threaten union jobs (12/19/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Gov. Inslee's Budget Proposal (12/15/2016)

Common Ground podcast: Election Day Special (11/08/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Trade & Washington's Tree Fruit Industry (including apples) (09/08/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Update on McCleary, K-12 education funding (08/29/2016)

Policy Today podcast: The perils of I-1433, the statewide initiative on minimum wage, paid sick leave (08/15/2016)

Common Ground Podcast: Slade Gorton on the Presidential Race & Failure of the Two Parties (08/02/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Trade, and trade agreements, are hugely important to Washington's economy (07/18/2016)

Policy Today podcast: How is the Growth Management Act working? (07/07/2016)

Common Ground Podcast: A Bipartisan Approach to Poverty (06/22/2016)

Common Ground Podcast: State Rep. Judy Clibborn on Consensus-Building (05/10/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Morton Kondracke on "This Perilous Election - How Did We Get Here?" (05/04/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Looking ahead to next year's budget (04/22/2016)

Policy Today Podcast: Session's Over, Budget Wrapup (04/01/2016)

Policy Today podcast: House and Senate supplemental budgets (03/03/2016)

Common Ground podcast: State Reps. Riccelli & Zeiger on bipartisanship (02/08/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Teacher shortage (02/04/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Rep. Dan Kristiansen on Charter Schools, McCleary (01/25/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Tax burden on Washington businesses (01/15/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Preview of 2016 Legislative Session (01/06/2016)

Policy Today podcast: Comparing county spending, revenues (12/16/2015)

Policy Today podcast, Common Ground edition: Sen. Christine Rolfes on McCleary (12/10/2015)

Policy Today podcast: Business Taxes - How Washington Ranks (12/04/2015)

Policy Today podcast: Hon. David Matsuda on keeping Washington's maritime trade sector competitive (11/24/2015)

Policy Today podcast, Common Ground edition: State Rep. Kristine Lytton (11/19/2015)

Former Gov. Dan Evans joins us on our Common Ground podcast! (11/11/2015)

Policy Today podcast, Common Ground edition: State Rep. Chad Magendanz (10/30/2015)

Policy Today, Common Ground edition: The endless campaign cycle, and other musings (10/22/2015)

Policy Today podcast: Where does Washington rank on education, economy & transportation? (10/15/2015)

Policy Today: The elusive silver bullet of tax policy (09/30/2015)

Policy Today podcast, Common Ground edition: Rep. Drew Hansen (09/22/2015)

Policy Today podcast: I-1366 in review (09/16/2015)

Policy Today, Common Ground edition: Rep. Norma Smith on reforming state regulations (09/11/2015)

Policy Today podcast: Boeing 777X progress (09/01/2015)

Policy Today: State agencies need to work on regulatory reform (08/26/2015)

Policy Today podcast: Analyzing the latest McCleary order (08/18/2015)

Policy Today, Common Ground edition: Consensus-Building (08/05/2015)

Policy Today: McCleary filings, Governor's carbon cap (07/29/2015)

Policy Today: Common Ground - is it possible? (07/21/2015)

Policy Today: New state transportation package (07/14/2015)

Policy Today: New state budget details (07/08/2015)

Policy Today: Status of the state budget (06/24/2015)

Policy Today: Open source economic models (06/17/2015)

Policy Today: Capital budget (06/09/2015)

Policy Today: Common Core (06/05/2015)

Policy Today: Teacher strikes (06/04/2015)

Policy Today: Marijuana Taxation (05/28/2015)

Policy Today: Dynamic Scoring (05/20/2015)

Policy Today: Happiness and Incumbency (05/12/2015)

Policy Today: College Affordability (05/05/2015)

Policy Today: A look at the special session (04/29/2015)

Policy Today: Levy Swap and Tax Increases for Education (04/22/2015)

Policy Today: House Capital Gains Tax Proposal (04/17/2015)

Policy Today: Transportation Update (04/15/2015)

Policy Today: Competing State Budgets: Revenue Review (04/08/2015)

Policy Today: Senate Budget (04/08/2015)

Policy Today: House Appropriations Chair's 2015-17 Budget Proposal (04/01/2015)

Policy Today: Aerospace Tax Incentives - Is a Deal a Deal? (03/20/2015)

Policy Today: Interview with economist Rick Evans (03/13/2015)

Policy Today: Paid Sick Leave (03/09/2015)

Policy Today: Carbon Taxation (03/02/2015)

Policy Today episode on transportation (02/23/2015)

Podcast: Minimum Wage (02/17/2015)

Podcast: Capital Gains Tax (02/04/2015)

Podcast: Governor's Budget (01/30/2015)