The weekly podcast InFocus briefly looks at a variety of issues each week. Here is the latest:

InFocus Podcast: Washington businesses pay 58% of state & local taxes, plus more (01/27/2017)

InFocus Podcast: New state revenue & employment numbers, McCleary, labor policy updates (12/05/2016)

InFocus podcast: Preliminary state economic forecast, Supreme Court ruling on Spokane initiative (02/09/2016)

InFocus Podcast: Minimum wage for franchises, McCleary update, How increased hip & knee replacements affect quality of life, health-care sector (02/01/2016)

InFocus Podcast: Bad news for I-1366, plus a new state employment report (01/22/2016)

InFocus podcast: First week of 2016 legislative session (01/13/2016)

InFocus podcast: State expenditures, health plan enrollments, Ex-Im Bank and aerospace news (12/14/2015)

InFocus podcast: State employment, revenue forecast, charter schools & cell-phone taxes (12/01/2015)

InFocus podcast: Fallout from I-1366, state revenue collections, Common Core (11/17/2015)

InFocus podcast: More on charter schools, economic forecast, and state life science news (11/05/2015)

InFocus podcast: Traffic congestion, organic farming, Ex-Im Bank, and another rent-control proposal (10/29/2015)

InFocus podcast: Minimum wage, marijuana revenues, carbon cap & recycling (10/09/2015)

InFocus: Possible charter schools ruling re-do, construction jobs, paid family leave study (10/02/2015)

InFocus podcast: Rent control, WA wine industry, state revenue & employment reports, and charter schools (09/23/2015)

InFocus podcast: NLRB ruling, stock market turmoil, state business tax rankings (09/02/2015)

InFocus: SeaTac minimum wage ruling, State employment report (08/26/2015)

InFocus Podcast: State revenue collections up, Workers' comp costs still highest in nation (08/19/2015)

InFocus: U.S. employment report, Portland's port troubles (08/10/2015)

InFocus: Colorado tax limit court case, health exchange funding, Puget Sound manufacturing jobs (08/04/2015)

InFocus: Employment numbers, I-1366, Legislature's McCleary report (July 21, 2015) (07/22/2015)

InFocus: Bump in state revenue collections, HS biology test controversy explained (07/14/2015)

InFocus: State annual average wage, national employment, transportation reforms (07/08/2015)

InFocus: Details, analysis on the new state budget (07/01/2015)

InFocus: Employment, rent control, state budget & the $10 bill (06/25/2015)

InFocus this week: Revenue collections, health spending, Senate tuition plan, and K-12 funding (06/16/2015)

InFocus: National employment, state budget, and star scientists (06/09/2015)

InFocus this week: Tax extenders and new budget proposals (06/02/2015)

InFocus: Longshoreman's Contract Ratified, the Maritime Sector, and the Monthly Jobs Report (05/28/2015)

InFocus this week: Revenue forecast and GE labeling (05/19/2015)

InFocus this week: Aerospace, tourism, employment, and annual dinner update (05/12/2015)

In Focus this week: Economic mobility, McCleary, and plumbing (05/05/2015)

In Focus this week: Free trade, minimum wage for actors, and rent control (04/29/2015)

In Focus this week: The Exchange and the budget, March employment report, and an income tax for education? (04/23/2015)

In Focus this week: Cigarette taxes, monthly collections report, and state sales tax comparison (04/16/2015)

In Focus this week: Ports agreement, Expedia to Seattle, state finances report (04/09/2015)

In Focus this week: Exchange enrollment, wage inequality, and tipping (04/01/2015)

In Focus this week: Employment, franchisees, and WRC annual dinner (03/25/2015)

In Focus this week: Employment and tax collections are up; new workers' comp rules?; measuring income inequality (03/19/2015)

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