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Emily Makings

April 19 , 2011 - Emily Makings

Register for our 79th Annual Dinner

The Washington Research Council's 2011 Annual Dinner will be held on June 7, at the Bellevue Club.  Kimberley Strassel, of the Wall Street Journal, is our speaker this year.  Details are available on our website. If you would like to sponsor a table, please contact DeDe McConnell at dede@researchcouncil.org or (206) 467-7088.  If you would […]

April 14 , 2011 - Emily Makings

New Brief on Senate W&M Budget Proposal

We’ve worked through the Senate W&M Chair’s (and Ranking Member’s) 2011-13 budget proposal, and the resulting brief with the details is available here.  It includes comparisons to the House-passed budget, on which we also have a brief. The Senate W&M Chair’s proposal addresses the $5 billion plus shortfall in many of the same ways the […]

April 08 , 2011 - Emily Makings

Our Annual Dinner Speaker, Kim Strassel, on the Federal Budget

This week has been a busy one on the budget front.  Here in Washington, the House Ways and Means Committee proposed and passed a 2011-13 budget, which may be passed by the full House today or tomorrow.  (For more on the budget, see here and here.) It has also been budget week in the U.S. […]

April 06 , 2011 - Emily Makings

New Brief on the House Democrats' 2011-13 Budget

We have a new brief up on Rep. Hunter’s 2011-13 budget proposal.  It is a good starting point, cognizant of fiscal reality.  Although fees do figure in, the proposal does not assume that voters will agree to raise taxes. Rep. Alexander has put forth an alternative.  All the information on both proposals is available here.  […]

April 04 , 2011 - Emily Makings

House Releases 2011-13 (and 2011 Supplemental) Budget

The House proposal for the 2011-13 budget (including a final 2011 supplemental to close out the 2009-11 biennium) is now public. In Near General Fund-State plus Opportunity Pathways (NGF-P) terms, the 2011 supplemental would reduce spending in the current biennium by $93 million (on top of reductions made in the early action supplementals), to bring […]

April 04 , 2011 - Emily Makings

Outdated Data in U.S. Chamber Employment Policy Study

AWB’s Olympia Business Watch notes that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has released a study on state employment policies and job growth.  In considering the states’ employment policies, the Chamber looked at employment relationships/costs of separation, minimum wage and living wage laws, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation, wage and hour policies, collective bargaining, and litigation/enforcement […]

April 01 , 2011 - Emily Makings

Washington's Union Membership Rates

Last week, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sent out a press release on union membership in Washington in 2010.  BLS notes, “Since 1990, Washington has had union membership rates above the U.S. average.” In fact, in 2010, Washington’s union membership as a percent of total employment was the fourth highest in the country, behind […]

March 25 , 2011 - Emily Makings

Comparing Savings from Governor's New Workers' Comp Proposal to ESB 5566

Unfortunately, after the good news earlier this week about how much money ESB 5566 (passed by the Senate, but so far stalled in the House) would save the workers’ compensation system, the governor decided to put forward a different set of reform proposals that do not include the full option for voluntary settlement agreements.  (For […]

March 23 , 2011 - Emily Makings

Big Savings From Workers' Comp Reform

As we have reported numerous times, including in a recent policy brief, the Washington workers’ compensation system must be reformed.  At the beginning of March, the Senate passed a bill (ESB 5566) that would do just that. Yesterday the fiscal note for the bill was released, and it confirms what we already knew: the provisions […]

March 21 , 2011 - Emily Makings

The Transportation Budget and the Gas Tax

Today the House released its 2011-13 transportation budget proposal. It would appropriate $8.924 billion for transportation operations and capital needs.  That’s $1.8 million more than the governor proposed spending. Of note, from the summary: Transportation revenue sources have continued to grow more slowly than expected, with projected revenues for the 2011-13  biennium $100 million less […]