New OSPI analysis of education bill’s tax and funding impacts

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction has posted two new spreadsheets showing updated estimates of the impacts of EHB 2242, the education funding bill passed this year. They are both available here.

The Updated Multi-Year Budget Comparison Tool shows how the bill impacts funding by school district. It has been updated to include funding amounts compared to two different pre-EHB 2242 scenarios. The first is maintenance level, which shows what would have occurred in future years if EHB 2242 had not been enacted. This assumes that the levy cliff (the scheduled reduction in local levy authority) would have occurred in 2019, consistent with the law as it was pre-EHB 2242. This is the appropriate means of comparison, as I’ve discussed previously.

The second scenario in the budget comparison tool shows the impacts of EHB 2242 compared to a hypothetical world in which the levy cliff would not have been allowed to take place. (That is, districts would have been allowed to levy the same percentage of revenues as in 2018.) Many school districts and others seem to prefer this comparison.

The second new spreadsheet is the EHB 2242 Enrichment Levy and State School's Tax Analysis. This shows how tax rates will change by school district under the bill and shows the estimated impacts on single-family residences and commercial and industrial properties. As updated, this spreadsheet also compares the new law to what the tax rates would have been in both the levy-cliff and no-levy-cliff scenarios. (Thank you, OSPI, for providing this in a spreadsheet rather than as a pdf.)

Look up your school district in the spreadsheets to see what the state estimates will happen to funding and taxes in the years ahead.

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