Policy changes in the compromise budget versus those passed in March

The Senate has passed the compromise 2017-19 budget. If enacted, spending will increase by $5.254 billion (near general fund-state plus opportunity pathways) over 2015-17. Of that, about $2.071 billion is at the policy level. The chart below (click on it for a larger version) shows how the policy changes are distributed throughout the budget and compares the compromise with the budgets passed earlier this session by the Senate and House. The version passed by the Senate March 24 would have increased policy level spending by $1.683 billion and the version passed by the House March 31 would have increased policy level spending by $3.252 billion.

The big spending reduction in Special Appropriations occurs because the budget would use $462.6 million from the pension funding stabilization account instead of general fund dollars to fund some of the employer contributions for state employee pensions; this would be paid for using the extraordinary revenue growth that is being transferred from the budget stabilization account to the general fund. (See Sec. 737 of the bill and page 219 of the agency detail document.)

For more of an overview on the budget, see my post from this morning.


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