New brief: Senate-Passed 2017–19 Operating Budget Would Increase Spending by $4.9 billion

In a new policy brief, we delve into the Senate-passed 2017-19 operating budget. Briefly:

  • The Senate-passed operating budget would increase revenues by $1.581 billion in 2017–19.
  • A new state property tax would supplant some local levies.
  • The budget would transfer $196.5 million from other funds to the NGFS+ in 2017–19.
  • NGFS+ maintenance level spending is $41.631 billion.
  • Policy level spending would increase by a net of $1.683 billion.
  • Policy spending for public schools would increase by $1.790 billion.
  • The unrestricted ending fund balance would be $815 million.
  • The budget would appropriate $700 million from the budget stabilization account (the rainy day fund) to make an early contribution to the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS) plan 1 unfunded liability.
  • It would make significant changes to local public works funding.

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