New brief: Comparing the Education Funding Proposals

There are now four major education funding plans circulating: Gov. Inslee's proposal, the House-passed ESHB 1843, the Senate-passed SSB 5607, and SB 5825 (a proposal from Sen. Mullet).

In a new policy brief, we provide a side-by-side comparison of the four plans. Briefly:

  • Four major education funding plans have been proposed to address the McCleary decision.
  • Gov. Inslee’s proposal and the House-passed ESHB 1843 would stay broadly within current parameters.
  • The Senate-passed SSB 5607 would overhaul the current system.
  • SB 5825 would borrow from both the House- and Senate-passed bills.
  • Legislators must agree on what to spend and how to fund that spending. 

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