A Roundup of Recent I-1033 Stories and a Reminder

First, the reminder: If you haven't done so yet, take a look at the Washington Research Council analysis of Initiative 1033. The initiative caps growth in state revenues, returning revenue above the limit to property taxpayers. The WRC report shows how this works in practice.

As the election nears, the campaigns gets a little warmer.

State Treasurer Jim McIntire warns of adverse effects to the state credit rating in SeattlePI.com.

The Seattle Times editorial board calls 1033 the wrong restraint on state spending

The Port Orchard Independent endorsed it. So did the Yakima Valley Business Times (no link available).

Initiative sponsor Tim Eyman takes to the Sound Politics blog to talk about the opponents' financing. 

And Andrew Garber has a good Seattle Times front-page overview of the initiative, with pros and cons.

Finally, read the WRC brief. This is an important measure.

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