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Policy Today podcast: How Tax Policy Affects the Economy

In this episode we discuss our recent Special Report, "Using Tax Policy to Promote Economic Vitality." Too often, adjustments to our state tax system are portrayed simply as "breaks" that give certain industries and/or companies special treatment. But as our report shows, these adjustments play a crucial role in keeping Washington competitive with other states for jobs and economic activity that could very easily go elsewhere.

Special Report: Using Tax Policy to Promote Economic Vitality

Our latest Special Report, "Using Tax Policy to Promote Economic Vitality," offers a comprehensive look at Washington's system of business taxes and tax preferences. You can read the report here.

Aerospace tax incentives could help lure startup to Seattle

The Puget Sound Business Journal reported earlier this week on some new business that may be coming Washington state's way:

Spike Aerospace, a Boston startup developing an ambitious new supersonic business jet, is talking with Washington state officials and aerospace suppliers about possibly locating its new manufacturing plant in Seattle. contributor: "Washington Lawmakers Grandstanding Against Boeing Could Cripple State's Aerospace Industry"

Writing on yesterday, Travis H. Brown sets his sights on "politicians in Olympia [who] have repeatedly floated the notion of clawing back the aerospace tax incentives."

Aerospace tax incentives work

Lew Moore Boeing KIRO Nov 9 2015WRC President Lew Moore spoke to Seattle's KIRO TV yesterday about the benefits of Boeing and aerospace industry tax incentives for Washington state.

777X plane project is cooking

On Wednesday night, State Route 526 was temporarily closed to traffic to transport a very special, very large oven to Boeing's Composite Wing Center in Everett.

The high-pressure oven, known as an autoclave, is there to "bake," as the Seattle Times reports, the new 777X jet's carbon fiber composite wings "to hardness."

The Boeing Company provides more details:

Seattle Times columnist writes about that mythical $8.7 billion tax break for Boeing: not a giveaway!

Erik Smith used our recent policy brief as a peg for an excellent column on tax policy in today's Seattle Times.

Though the Department of Revenue calculated it exactly as it was supposed to, a more realistic view is that the legislation costs taxpayers nothing.

He summarizes, drawing on points we developed in the brief.

Seattle Times editorial board favors data-center tax incentives. Here's why they're right.

The Times editorial gets right to the point.

When lawmakers return for business in January, they should reauthorize Washington’s server-farm tax break, and pronto.

Our September 2013 report, Economic Impact of Data Centers on Central Washington (clever title, that), helps explain why.

Seattle Times business columnist faults Legislature for failing to renew R&D incentives

Jon Talton, business columnist for the Seattle Times, skipped subtlety and got right to the point in writing about the effects of some Legislative inaction in the recently completed session. Noting that it's not correct to say lawmakers did nothing, he writes,

Investment slows when tax policies are uncertain

The National Association of Manufacturers recently conducted a survey of businesses. Here's the short form.