InFocus Podcast: Washington businesses pay 58% of state & local taxes, plus more

On today's InFocus podcast we're covering the latest news, including our new Policy Brief on business taxation in Washington state. Washington businesses pay 58 percent of state and local taxes, and have some of the highest tax burdens in the country. We also talk about the latest state budget outlook, and problems many school districts are facing with Washington's land-use law, the Growth Management Act.

InFocus Podcast: New state revenue & employment numbers, McCleary, labor policy updates

New state revenue numbers are out, with good news for the state budget. However, there's still a big budget hole to fill in order to comply with the McCleary ruling, which requires full state funding of basic K-12 education by 2018. We also discuss new employment numbers, as well as the Obama administration overtime rule that's been suspended by a court order, and the latest on the City of Seattle's moves toward more restrictive regulations on employers.

InFocus podcast: Preliminary state economic forecast, Supreme Court ruling on Spokane initiative

Today we cover the state's February preliminary economic forecast, as well as an interesting state Supreme Court ruling on a "community bill of rights" initiative in Spokane.

InFocus Podcast: Minimum wage for franchises, McCleary update, How increased hip & knee replacements affect quality of life, health-care sector

In this episode we discuss minimum wage - as The Seattle Times reports, "[t]he International Franchise Association has appealed to the U.S.

InFocus podcast: First week of 2016 legislative session

We're into week one of session, and are delving into the big issues: Minimum wage and paid sick leave, state revenues, McCleary and charter schools. On McCleary we discuss a possible legislative plan and point out the incredibly complex issues involved - issues that can't be resolved in a supplemental budget year.

InFocus podcast: State employment, revenue forecast, charter schools & cell-phone taxes

It's time for a new state employment report, plus an update to the state revenue forecast and state budget outlook, a final decision from the state Supreme Court on charter schoo

InFocus podcast: Fallout from I-1366, state revenue collections, Common Core

This week we're talking next steps after passage of Initiative 1366, the latest state revenue collections update, and Rob McKenna's defense of the Common Core education standards.

InFocus podcast: More on charter schools, economic forecast, and state life science news

In this episode we discuss new requests for the state Supreme Court to reconsider its charter-school ruling, the preliminary state economic forecast for November, and the governor’s establishment of a Life Science and Global