gas tax

Washington state Number Two in the nation for gas tax

The Tax Foundation is out with its annual rankings for state gas taxes (see map below), and Washington ranks second in the nation at 49.4 cents per gallon (numbers don't include the federal gas tax of 18.4 cents per gallon). But before you start wringing your hands, consider the Foundation's take on this particular form of taxation:

Governor proposes $12 billion transportation plan fueled largely by new carbon fee (or is it a tax?)

Gov. Inslee launched the 2015 transportation finance debate yesterday, unveiling an ambitious plan and introducing a new "cap and trade" program. From the news release:

Rather than raise the gas tax on all motorists, the plan would be funded largely through fees and bonding as well as on a new carbon pollution charge. Sources of major transportation-related pollution, such as the oil and gas industry, will pay a charge for every ton of carbon they emit into the air.