90 Seconds with the WRC

90 Seconds podcast: Charter schools help urban minority, low-income students most

Extensive research from Stanford University shows charter schools are of particular benefit to low-income, minority and English-Language-Learner students. But the state Supreme Court's controversial ruling that charter schools are unconstitutional throws their future into doubt.  

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90 Seconds Podcast: The McCleary series

We're starting a series of 90 Seconds podcasts specifically on the McCleary ruling (in 2012 the state Supreme Court ruled that the State of Washington is unconstitutionally failing to fully fund K-12 basic education; that decision and all subsequent McCleary filings and rulings are here).

Our first episode covers the basics of McCleary - what it does and what it means for state lawmakers.

In this episode we discuss the two main options that have been proposed for full state funding of basic education: a levy "swap," or "exchange," and a capital gains tax.

Adequate funding for public schools is a major challenge for legislators and the governor. Just as, if not more, difficult is the logistical challenge of agreeing on a plan that shifts responsibility for basic education from Washington's 295 school districts to the state. Many complex problems and political landmines will have to be overcome.  

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90 Seconds: Progress report on McCleary

This week the Legislature sent its annual progress report to the state Supreme Court on the McCleary ruling, which ordered the state to fully fund K-12 education by 2018. Public schools got a major funding boost this year, but was it enough for the court to lift its

90 Seconds with the WRC: It's a Wrap!

With session in the rearview mirror, we offer a brief budget recap.

90 Seconds: No shutdown, but session's not over yet

In this episode: The 2015-17 state operating budget's been signed by Gov. Inslee, but key items remain on lawmakers' to-do list. A brief rundown of what's done and what remains to be done by the legislature and governor.

90 Seconds with the Washington Research Council: We have a budget

Legislators and the governor reached a budget deal that won broad bipartisan support. In this episode of 90 Seconds you'll get the key budget details. Useful links: Senate budget summary House budget summary

90 Seconds with the Washington Research Council: State budget update

We have a new podcast series: 90 Seconds With the Washington Research Council. Episodes will go up frequently. It covers key topics you can hear in under two minutes. It's budget crunch-time in Olympia. The governor and legislators have until the end of the month to pass a state budget and avoid a government shutdown.