New special report: Carbon Taxation

We have posted a new special report on Gov. Inslee's cap and trade proposal (SHB 1314) and Carbon Washington's carbon tax initiative. The brief can be downloaded through this link.

New policy brief: Gov. Inslee's Capital Gains Tax Proposal

Our new brief on Governor Inslee's Capital Gains Tax Proposal is available through this link.

New brief: Higher Education Policy and the State Budget

We have a new policy brief today on Washington's higher education system.

New brief: Governor Inslee’s 2015–17 Operating Budget Proposal

Today we've published a policy brief on Gov. Inslee's 2015-17 operating budget proposal. It would increase spending by $5.2 billion. It would also increase revenues over amounts already forecast by $1.6 billion.

New WRC report: The Economic Contribution of Washington State's Petroleum Refining Industry in 2013

Here is a link to our new report quantifying the impact of Washington's five major petroleum refiners on the state’s economy in 2013.

New Brief: Washington's Business Taxes Continue to Exceed National Average

In a new brief, we look at this year's Council on State Taxation report, which summarizes state and local business tax collections in 2013. Washington continues to impose above average business taxes.


New Brief: 2015–17 Budget Preview: McCleary Not the Only Cloud on the Budget Horizon

In a new policy brief, we preview the upcoming 2015–17 state budget. It is based on a budget outlook presentation from the Office of Financial Management.