New brief: Comparing the Education Funding Proposals

There are now four major education funding plans circulating: Gov. Inslee's proposal, the House-passed ESHB 1843, the Senate-passed SSB 5607, and SB 5825 (a proposal from Sen. Mullet).

In a new policy brief, we provide a side-by-side comparison of the four plans. Briefly:

New report: Toward a More Effective Tax Appeals Process for Washington

In a new special report, we take a look at Washington's tax appeals process. Here's the executive summary:

New Brief: Senate-Passed Bill Would Overhaul and Increase School Funding

Last week we published a policy brief on Gov. Inslee's education funding proposal and HB 1843 (which has since been passed by the House). Today we have a new brief on SSB 5607, the Senate-passed education funding bill.


New Brief: Education Funding Plans: The Governor and House Want Significant New Spending

In a new policy brief we discuss Gov. Inslee's plan to comply with the McCleary decision on school funding as well as HB 1843, which was passed by the House Appropriations Committee earlier this month.


New report: Gov. Inslee's 2017-19 Operating Budget Proposal Would Significantly Increase Spending and Taxes

In a new report, we provide an overview of Gov. Inslee's proposed operating budget for the next biennium. Briefly:

New report: I-1433: A “Blunt Instrument” Increasing the Minimum Wage and Mandating Paid Sick Leave

Initiative 1433 will be on the ballot in November. We consider the initiative in a new report. Briefly:

New report: McCleary Deadline Approaching, But How Long Will the Solution Last?

In a new report, we write about the McCleary decision, education funding enhancements the state has made in response, and what remains to be done. We also provide background on the state property tax system and school funding.


New brief: 2016 Supplemental Operating Budget Doesn't Increase Taxes But Does Tap the Rainy Day Fund

Last week the Legislature passed a 2016 supplemental operating budget. We review the budget in a new policy brief. Briefly:

New brief: Supplemental Maintenance Level Changes Are Driven By the Health Care Authority

Health Care Authority (HCA) maintenance level increases make up the vast majority of all maintenance level changes in the 2016 supplemental operating budget proposals. If adopted, HCA maintenance level changes would increase spending by $159.1 million. We take a look at the issue in a new policy brief.