InFocus podcast: State employment, revenue forecast, charter schools & cell-phone taxes

It's time for a new state employment report, plus an update to the state revenue forecast and state budget outlook, a final decision from the state Supreme Court on charter schoo

Charter schools still unconstitutional, but Court slightly limits its ruling

Yesterday afternoon the state Supreme Court released its final decision on charter schools. A majority of five justices decided to delete footnote 10 from the original opinion finding that charter schools are unconstitutional (see page 11). Other than that, the decision stands.

Policy Today podcast, Common Ground edition: State Rep. Kristine Lytton

Rep. Kristine Lytton, D-40Continuing our in-depth look at K-12 education funding and the McCleary decision, today we're talking to state Rep. Kristine Lytton, D-Anacortes, chair of the House Finance Committee and member of the governor's legislative McCleary workgroup.

InFocus podcast: Fallout from I-1366, state revenue collections, Common Core

This week we're talking next steps after passage of Initiative 1366, the latest state revenue collections update, and Rob McKenna's defense of the Common Core education standards.

New opportunities for Washington students

Sean Gill of UW's Center on Reinventing Public Education has an opinion piece suggesting that traditional public schools may not deserve their monopoly status:

InFocus podcast: More on charter schools, economic forecast, and state life science news

In this episode we discuss new requests for the state Supreme Court to reconsider its charter-school ruling, the preliminary state economic forecast for November, and the governor’s establishment of a Life Science and Global

Policy Today podcast, Common Ground edition: State Rep. Chad Magendanz

Rep. Chad Magendanz, R-5 Our guest this week is 5th District Rep. Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah, and our topic is education: the McCleary decision, K-12 funding, and charter schools.

Former AGs weigh in on charter schools ruling

Yesterday Washington's four living former attorneys general (Slade Gorton, Kenneth O. Eikenberry, Christine O. Gregoire, and Robert M. McKenna) filed an amicus brief arguing that the state Supreme Court should reconsider its ruling that charter schools are unconstitutional.

Legislators: Court "overlooks" the responsibility of the Legislature to budget and organize school system

Two more requests that the state Supreme Court reconsider its September decision that charter schools are unconstitutional have been made. (The attorney general filed a motion to reconsider Sept. 24.)

House committee explores K-12 financing

Yesterday in Olympia the House Finance Committee looked at how public schools are funded, here in Washington and nationwide. Committee staff prepared in-depth reports with lots of information (the Research Council in 2013 published a report on on K-12 financing, comparing Washington's funding to other states'. You can read that here). Some highlights: