The 2016 Legislature's report on its McCleary progress

Yesterday the Joint Select Committee on Article IX Legislation met and approved its 2016 report to the state Supreme Court. Since 2012, this committee has been providing annual reports to the Court regarding the Legislature's progress toward complying with the McCleary decision.

The 2016 report argues that in enacting E2SSB 6195, 

Teacher salaries and the budget

In The News Tribune, Melissa Santos writes,

State Rep. Hans Dunshee, the budget writer in the Democratic-controlled House, said the dispute over teacher raises is part of what is delaying a budget deal. . . .

While House Democrats and Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee have proposed boosting what the state pays for beginning teachers, the Senate’s proposed budget includes no money for teacher raises.

McCleary bill, with changes, clears Senate committee hurdle

In the continuing saga of legislation to address the state Supreme Court's McCleary​ ruling on K-12 basic education funding, the Senate Ways & Means Committee on Tuesday took action, approving its version - but not without changes, or controversy.

McCleary planning bill making way through Senate

Last week we updated you on the status of legislation to set a timeline for state compliance with the McCleary ruling (which dealt with state funding for K-12 basic education).

The latest on McCleary & K-12 education funding

You practically need a flow chart these days to keep track of what's happening on McCleary (the 2012 state Supreme Court ruling - which the Legislature is in the midst of complying with - that said the state is unconstitutionally not paying the full cost of basic education).

The big remaining task of the state is to fully fund school-employee salaries for basic education. Legislation moving through the House and Senate would, in a nutshell:

New brief: Gov. Inslee’s Teacher Shortage Proposal: Good Policy, Bad Timing?

When Gov. Inslee proposed his 2016 supplemental budget, he also proposed a teacher recruitment and retention plan. We take a look at it in a new policy brief: Gov. Inslee’s Teacher Shortage Proposal: Good Policy, Bad Timing?


Opportunity Scorecard update: Washington drops to 28th

Opportunity Washington is out with the first update to its quarterly Opportunity Washington Scorecard. The Washington Research Council is a partner with Opportunity Washington on the Scorecard, which is a data-driven analysis of 50-state performance across three categories:

WSIPP projects tuition will increase 2.1 percent in 2017-19

Today the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP) released a report on tuition growth factors.

Another charter-school bill is coming

*UPDATE* We've just received a copy of the bill - click here to read it.

A bipartisan group of legislators is backing legislation that will allow Washington's public charter schools to stay open. The bill "makes a series of updates which include directing charter school funding to come from the state’s Opportunity Pathways Account, which contains state lottery revenues not restricted to common schools."

Recommended reading: The current issue of AWB's Washington Business magazine

The current issue of AWB's Washington Business magazine is particularly good. The cover story (beginning on page 32) is about Washington's maritime sector and the challenges it faces (and is written by our former president, Richard Davis).

Trade and maritime activity have long defined Washington. And the industry is well positioned to thrive here for decades to come. Natural advantages, however, won’t be enough.