InFocus: Details, analysis on the new state budget

Kriss and Emily delve into the newly passed and signed 2015-17 state operating budget (NOTE: As of now, the Legislature has not yet approved delaying the full implementation of I-1351, the class size initiative). In this episode:

90 Seconds with the Washington Research Council: We have a budget

Legislators and the governor reached a budget deal that won broad bipartisan support. In this episode of 90 Seconds you'll get the key budget details. Useful links: Senate budget summary House budget summary

Getting closer to a budget deal?

The deadline for passing a state budget is only days away, and activity in Olympia is reaching a fever pitch. Here's the latest...


Only five days to go before the legislature and governor must agree on a state budget. Without a deal by June 30, we'll have a government shutdown, something nobody seems to want.

Policy Today: Status of the state budget

In this episode we talk about negotiations in the Legislature on the 2015-17 state operating budget. Included in our discussion: Our summary of the House Democrats' latest budget proposals. To subscribe to our podcasts, go here.

90 Seconds with the Washington Research Council: State budget update

We have a new podcast series: 90 Seconds With the Washington Research Council. Episodes will go up frequently. It covers key topics you can hear in under two minutes. It's budget crunch-time in Olympia. The governor and legislators have until the end of the month to pass a state budget and avoid a government shutdown.