InFocus: Employment numbers, I-1366, Legislature's McCleary report (July 21, 2015)

Today we're talking about the June state employment report, Initiative 1366 (requiring the legislature to submit for voter approval a constitutional amendment requiring 2/3 legislative approval of tax increases), and

Policy Today: Common Ground - is it possible?

In this episode we welcome special guest Randi Abrams-Caras for the first of what we hope will be many discussions about finding common ground on policy in a politically polarized world.

WRC Annual Dinner: Dr. Rick Evans on "The Mind of Pete Carroll"

You can now watch the featured speaker at our May 28 annual dinner in Seattle on TVW. It's BYU economics professor Dr. Rick Evans speaking on "The Mind of Pete Carroll: Tax Policy, Inequality, and State Competitiveness."

90 Seconds with the WRC: It's a Wrap!

With session in the rearview mirror, we offer a brief budget recap.

InFocus: Bump in state revenue collections, HS biology test controversy explained

We discuss that latest state revenue collections, which are slightly higher than forecast, and the controversy in the Legislature over high school biology testing. In this episode:

Policy Today: New state transportation package

Today's episode is devoted entirely to the new 16-year transportation revenue package. We cover the main components, including how it's paid for and what it funds. If you're looking for more detailed analysis of the package, we'll post our in-depth transportation special report in a few days. Stay tuned. Listen to previous podcasts here.

Washington #5 in state/local sales tax

The Tax Foundation is out with its midyear report on sales tax rates, and Washington ranks fifth in the nation for our combined state and average local sales tax rate of 8.90%.

Ahead of us are #1-ranked Tennessee at 9.46%, #2 Arkansas at 9.27%, #3 Louisiana at 9.01% and #4 Alabama at 8.93%.

InFocus: State annual average wage, national employment, transportation reforms

Good news on Washington's annual average wage and national employment numbers, plus new state transportation reforms become law. In this episode:

Policy Today: New state budget details

We're discussing the big-ticket items in the 2015-17 state operating budget (K-12 funding, higher ed tuition cuts, early learning, mental health and more) and how it's all paid for. Subscribe to our podcasts here.

New transportation reforms become law

We’re still waiting on some elements of the new transportation funding package to clear the Legislature (the transportation revenue bill has passed; the spending bill with the project list and the bonding bill have not).

In the meantime, Gov. Inslee yesterday signed some important bipartisan reform bills that should help reduce costs and speed up completion of transportation projects.

Reform bills signed by the governor today include: