Policy Today podcast: Morton Kondracke on "This Perilous Election - How Did We Get Here?"

Mort Kondracke, the legendary political journalist, columnist and commentator, joins us for a preview of his remarks at our upcoming 84th annual dinner May 19 in Bellevue. Mr. Kondracke - who will be tackling the topic of "This Perilous Election: How Did We Get Here?" - briefly discusses the extraordinary 2016 presidential campaign and the need for more consensus in our political system, as well as the excellent book he co-authored with Fred Barnes last year, "Jack Kemp: The Bleeding Heart Conservative Who Changed America."

If you'd like to hear more of Mr. Kondracke's take on the current state of American politics, we invite you to come to our dinner! Click here for more information.

Washington Research Council Annual Dinner Morton Kondracke

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