Policy Today podcast: Comparing county spending, revenues

In today's episode we're discussing our series of reports analyzing and comparing the spending and revenues of five county governments: King, Pierce, Snohomish, Benton and Franklin.

Some highlights:

  • In 2014, Washington’s 39 counties spent a combined $2.203 billion from their general funds.
  • For each county, the public safety and general government budget areas make up the bulk of general fund spending.
  • For each county except King, the top three spending areas when considering all funds are public safety, general government and other finance (not necessarily in that order).
  • For King County, of all spending, transportation is the top budget area and social services is the second. (In King County, Metro Transit is part of the county’s Department of Transportation and thereby part of the county budget. By contrast, transit systems in the other counties are operated and funded via public transportation benefit areas that are separate from their counties, so transit spending doesn’t show up in their budgets.)

Washington Research Council county spending revenues comparison chart 


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