Boeing CEO explains what business wants from the other Washington

A good op-ed by Boeing CEO Jim McNerney appears in today’s Wall Street Journal.

For the good of the nation, our elected leaders must now find it within themselves to pass sound laws, regulate judiciously, and put aside escalating tactical political battles. If the super committee succeeds [in its deficit-reduction mission], the White House and Congress should build on the momentum and:

• enact comprehensive, pro-growth tax reform that benefits everyone;

• proceed with regulatory reform; and

• reform and restructure existing entitlement programs.

Some will dismiss these prescriptions as the same tired lines from business. Others, rather than offer solutions, may take another opportunity to demonize all businesses for the part a small few had in contributing to the recession. But political leaders must rise above the vitriol and focus the country on the future.

Sound advice for this Washington too.


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